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   the ufo covid masks


Original an exclusive design of UFO ZONE® 

Our Cover Protection Masks are created with high quality materias and a special breathing filter to protect your health and resist all the laundry process as many times as your regular clothes! The intention of our original designs is to brin happiness to others wile using them adding humor and positive vibes you humans wile facing times of changes! wear them and make people laugh!

$15 each

   the ufo coffee mugs

ufo coffee mugs

Original an exclusive design of UFO ZONE® 

Our mugs are your mugs! We have two color designs: The Black Mug contains our UFO Zone Rounded logo and the UFO abducting the arenal volcano inside a key window shape. The White Mug contains our two main logos in it! Both are high quality printed on a strong generous mug! 

$25 Delivery charges may apply


ufo tee shirts

Original an exclusive design of UFO ZONE® 

We have many tee shirt designs to choose from, all created by us inspired in the passion for fun and aliens, we have brain stormed for hours with creatures from other worlds and galaxies to decide on each design and message and all this universal results are set on our confortable and great looking tee shirt collection. See them in our facebook page at: Alien Shop UFO ZONE. Soon we'll have them all here!

$25 each



Original an exclusive design of UFO ZONE® 

The UFO Aprons are made in a fresh cotton fabric created to protect you from the massive food splash you make wile experimenting with your recipes at home or outside, its adjustable for all sizes! 

$30 each


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